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FBAmultitool (Chrome Version)

FBAmultitool (FMT) 

Analyse Amazon Deals With Ease

Calculate Profits

Helps Speed Up Manual Sourcing

Track VAs

Built-In Keepa (no extra cost)

1 Click Export Deals

Sales Estimator

Hazmat & Restriction Checker

Private Label Detector

Plus So Much More!


FBAmultitool (Mobile)

Analyze Amazon Arbitrage deals while out and about in seconds! 

FBAmultitool (Mobile edition) will scan and analyze products while out sourcing for products in stores.

Started out life as a HUGELY loved chrome extension by many Amazon sellers. FBAmultitool now brings the mobile version packed with most the same features as the chrome extension, FMT mobile is ready to make your deal-finding days much easier!

FBAleads UK & US

FBAleads is a platform that posts profitable deals Mon-Fri. If you run an Amazon business and you want to receive unique deals with great margins to sell FBAleads is for you. 

Supports UK & US

Deals posted daily Mon-Fri

Approx 15-20+ deals per day!

built-in sales chart data

key features
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